Women are killed just because they are women. This condition has a familiar name: femicide — this the endpoint of inequality between men and women. Often women are killed or subjected to violence because they want to decide on their own life. There are many types of this violence: physical, psychological, sexual, digital, economic. All of these are done to put women in the second plan. As long as gender inequality is not prevented, murders of women and violence against women will continue to increase. Murders of women are not a natural disaster, and some precautions can be taken, thus can be stopped.

Half of the world’s population we women, suffer injustice in every area we are in due to gender inequality. In ancient times, the woman did not even have a name. No decision about his life was his own, and there was a man who decided for him. The main reason for this is that men consider themselves superior to women and embrace women as their own. He even sees it as a right to take the woman’s life because of this sense of ownership. That’s how 300 women were killed in 2020, and 170 women suspiciously died. If the necessary precautions are not taken, we will continue to wake up with the news of femicide every day.

The most basic solution to femicide and violence against women is the implementation of the Istanbul Convention, and the law numbered 6284, which is its reflection in domestic law. Because the Istanbul Convention not only protects women but empowers women. We had to fight for our most basic rights for years. Nobody gave women this right, and women took it themselves. After this hour, no woman will ever give up her earned rights. Because women now want to live equally, as Emine Bulut and many women say, we don’t want to die anymore!

The most basic thing to do to prevent gender inequality is the implementation of the Istanbul Convention, and every student should take compulsory lessons under the name of Gender Equality. That’s when women can live without being subjected to any injustice or violence. In short, our struggle will continue in all areas of life until the days when even a woman does not die, because this inequality will end only then.

Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi // YetGen’21